Getting My Name Out There

Two things:

1) I recently entered the College Photographer of the Year competition with a double exposure image that I created by juxtaposing a photo of my little sister and a photo of a tree outside my home (refer to "Within Nature" in my gallery). Judging for that starts sometime soon, and I don't expect to win, but the purpose of entering this competition was to get my name out there. Being a successful photographer has a lot to do with connections!

2) I've been collaborating with a writer from WOUB (the TV station here at Ohio University) on a story for Bobcat Sports Showcase detailing the life of golfer Hailey Hrynewich. I took all of the photos for the story, which was a great way to gain experience shooting in different situations and build my portfolio. The story took about a month to complete, but I'm so glad I had this experience. Here's a link to the article: