Fit Chicks Boot Camp Photoshoot

About a week ago, I did a promotional shoot for a women's exercise boot camp in my area. The boot camp takes place several mornings each week, 5:30-6:30 AM, so I struggled a bit trying to get some good shots without using a flash since it was so dark. I had to carefully adjust my ISO as the sun began to come up, and I had to watch my shutter speed so that I could still freeze action, even when the only available light was that which was coming from the streetlamps. I also faced an interesting decision: to use my 80-200mm telephoto lens or to use my 50mm prime lens. While the telephoto would've allowed me to zoom in more, the aperture only opens to f/4.5. Because of this, I went with the crisper and faster Nikon f/1.8 G 50mm. I had to use my feet to "zoom" but that's okay, I ended up getting some great shots.