I was without a computer for about 6 days, which, to any photographer and college student, seems like a lifetime. Because of this, I've accumulated several sports images from the past week that I've been wanting to post. I shot a swim meet against Marshall University for Athletics, I shot my first-ever men's basketball game against Tennessee State, and I shot the last home football game of the season against Ball State University.

Swimming is an interesting sport for me to photograph. At first, I thought I would be really good at it since I am a former swimmer. However, it wasn't as easy as I thought, so I'm always challenged when I shoot a swim meet. I learned that to make your photos original, you need to really be on the lookout for new angles. I learned that you need to make use of patterns and always be looking for clean backgrounds. However, this was the first meet I've shot where I've felt like I actually got good frames from diving. Diving is very difficult to shoot because it is difficult to maintain your focus point and keep your subject in the frame. I came away from this meet with several nice images from diving, so I'm proud of myself for that.

Basketball is one of my favorite sports to watch and shoot, which is funny because if you had asked my dad about what sport I hated the most when I was younger, he'd probably tell you I hated basketball. I've grown to love basketball because of the unique, beautiful images that you can get from it. There's always unique images to gain from basketball, and the emotion on the players' faces is priceless. The basketball game this past weekend was the first men's game I'd ever shot, and it's a little different from women's games because the players are taller and the game is moving a little faster. It took a few minutes for me to get used to this, but I was happy with the frames I got from this game.

Although I'm happy that Thanksgiving is almost here and Christmas is coming, I'm a little sad that our college football season is over. Last Tuesday was Ohio University's last home football game, and the last football game of the year will be in Illinois next week. We were lucky with the weather this time, as it was a comfortable sixty degrees, compared to last year's eight degrees and snow. I remember complaining to one of my friends a few months ago how frustrated I was with shooting football because I felt like football was the sport that I was the worst at shooting. I felt like I could never move fast enough to catch the prime moments. However, given time and practice, I think I've really improved. I have a ways to go, but I'm really happy with the images that I took at the game this past week. I look back at the photos I took at football games in September, and I can see that a couple of months can make all of the difference. I'm happy and thankful that my last home game this season could end on a good note.