Women's Basketball vs. Buffalo

After reviewing my shoot from the previous basketball game with the current Athletics photographers, the guys gave me a couple suggestions on things to work on:

1) They noticed that I never used the full range of my 70-200mm lens. Most of my shots were shot at 120-130mm, so they encouraged me to set my lens at 200mm and leave it there for much of the game. 

2) They noticed that my entire shoot was vertical. For my next game, they encouraged me to shoot a mix of vertical and horizontal frames.

The results? I didn't consider my photos from this game my best, but I was proud of myself for trying to new shooting techniques. I know that from here on out, practice will make perfect. I enjoyed using the full 200mm of my lens because it enabled me to get up close on the players' faces, as you'll see in one of the photos I've attached below.