Slowing Down

On Wednesday, I shot my first basketball game since being back from winter break, so I felt a little bit off. I kept missing moments, most of my shots were at the end of the action rather than the peak. The referee continuously blocked my view, and two of our strobes in the basketball arena weren't working. Needless to say, I was frustrated. There is not a worse feeling than when you are given an assignment for work and can't perform. I struggled the whole first half of the game. After some wise words from a friend, I vowed to get good shots during the second half. I fiddled around with the strobes ("Electrician" is definitely not my career of choice!) for a while and eventually got them working, and gained a new rhythm that allowed me to take better photos. I realized that if I got a horizontal shot at about 200mm, I could then turn the camera vertically as the subject got closer, and then I shot tightly or switched to a wide angle when my subject entered the paint. Having a system, I realized, allows you to never miss a beat - which is especially important when so many things happen after the moment of action - celebrations, falls, coaches yelling, etc.