October 25, 2016

It's kind of amazing how time can get away from you when you get busy. I feel like it was just a few days ago that I was making a blog post, but now that I'm looking at it, it's been a few weeks! My, oh, my... back to the grind. I've had a busy few weeks shooting several things for athletics. I've been applying to a few internships, and I've got several more on my list! It's so exciting to think that I could be working for another great company again this summer, hopefully in the company of other great visual journalists! 

The past couple of football games I have been putting together some really solid galleries, so I thought I'd put the links in here. Football is a sport I've always struggled with shooting, but I like looking at my football galleries from last year compared to this year and examining the growth. 

So, here's some links: 

Ohio Football's game against Bowling Green

Ohio Football's game against Eastern Michigan

And here's some new stuff!