Football vs. Toledo

You know what they say about how being forced under pressure creates diamonds? Well, I certainly won't say my photos are diamonds - but I will say that I'm proud of how I did shooting this most recent game.

Football is the sport I have struggled with shooting the most. I couldn't follow the ball, I couldn't anticipate the play, I missed the big moments. When I travelled to Toledo to shoot my first away football game, I was nervous as ever.

I texted my friend, a fellow Ohio Athletics photographer, telling him how nervous I was. How would I be able to shoot a game in a stadium that I'm not used to? What if I miss the bus ride back home? Do I still go in the locker room with them as usual? What if I don't get 50 good pictures? 

All I needed was reassurance, and luckily my friend knew that. He told me that I knew exactly what to do, all I had to do was shoot - the rest was muscle memory. And he was right.

Shooting that football game at Toledo was probably one of my favorite experiences. I felt so much pressure, but I fed off of it. The team was playing great, the game was exciting, and my photos were great. I've never been so happy, and just like the team, I can't wait to continue this winning streak for the last few games of the season.

Here's the link to the full gallery, but I've included some of my favorite images below: