October 7, 2016

It's been a slow couple of weeks, but that's been okay with me since I've been studying feverishly for midterms. The field hockey game that I shot last weekend was exciting. I've never seen those women more excited than they were during that game, it was a pleasure to watch and photograph. Celebratory moments and capturing their happiness during the sport that they love is part of the reason that I truly love photographing athletics. 

I also got to do a promo shoot for the wrestling team, which is a great group of guys that are always down to have some fun. After we got the serious shots out of the way, they entertained me with some goofy poses. It is always a good feeling when your work is appreciated! 

This weekend I'm looking forward to shooting the homecoming football game against Bowling Green. It'll hopefully be a great game, and I'm prepared to get some great shots!