This semester I am in a multimedia audio/video class. This is my first time really experimenting with other mediums besides photography, and so far it's been a fun experience. It was a bit intimidating from leaving the comfort of my D3s, which I know so well, and going to equipment that I've never even seen before. In just a week, I've learned how to use a Zoom H4N recorder, a shotgun mic, and Premiere Pro.

Our first assignment was an audio story - a story told solely with audio, no pictures or video included. This assignment really got my creative gears going. It was a unique challenge trying to find and record ambient sounds and then piece it together with interviews to create a story that the listener could easily visualize. I think that this assignment was really cool because it teaches you how to slow down and really pay attention to what's going on around you, especially because the little details may end up becoming one of the most important aspects of your story. 

You can listen to the audio story on my Multimedia page here: