Jan 31 Life/Photo Update

The new semester has caused me to lag on my blog posts. If you're really following me, I'm sorry to let you down. However, know that I've been busy for a reason. This semester I'm enrolled in two Visual Communication courses - Advanced Multimedia and Small Systems Lighting. Recently, I completed a group video project for the multimedia class, which was a learning experience in itself.

As with any group project, there are small victories and small struggles. I am the kind of person who likes to control things - as in, my vision is my vision for the project and that's what it's going to be. However, when you work with a group... you have two other students' visions to consider. Editing video is challenging, but when you have three opinions about the best cut, or the best b-roll to use over certain audio.. it gets challenging. Despite how much I didn't enjoy working on this project, I do value the fact that I was exposed to two other styles and points of view. I can now use those different perspectives as I begin to work on my long-term short documentary over the rest of the semester.

Lighting and flash is something I feel like I struggle with. I use strobes in the basketball arena weekly, so I have a good understanding about how light freezes action and exposure, etc. But when it comes to simpler things, like portraits, I get stuck. I have trouble envisioning the final product, and placing my lights in a way that produces the kind of look I'm going for. Usually, I even have trouble envisioning what that look is. For the athletic department, I have done simple lit portraits to use as promotional materials, but I haven't adventured too much away from what I know how to do. I hope that I will learn how to do this in the lighting class. 

Finally, I've started doing social media and writing for the worldwide photo community blog, PhotoBrigade. Recently, I wrote an article about the harsh words I've encountered as a female sports photojournalist.

Here's some photos from the last month or so since I've updated: