January 4, 2016

It's about 2:05 AM in Dayton, Ohio, and I can't sleep. I've been traveling around a lot - to Detroit for the MAC Championship game and to Mobile, Alabama, for Ohio's appearance in the Dollar General Bowl. After that, I returned home for Christmas with my family, only to leave for Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Nashville, Tennessee, for other adventures over the past couple weeks.

Shooting the MAC Championships was one of my favorite experiences of the season - I was finally confident in my abilities, and I shot one of my best games yet. It was my first time even being in an NFL stadium, and I could visualize exactly what that might be like in the future. I'm excited for what this career holds for me.

Being in Alabama for the bowl game was an experience as well. As a woman working in sports, gender discrimination is a reality that we all face. However, during my week in Alabama, I had a few particularly frustrating experiences - from snarky comments from male photographers and the keynote speaker to the security personnel taking extra measure to protect me from barrelling football players while on the field. By the end of the week, I was frustrated - anyone would have been. However, I've taken that experience and tried to figure out how I could've dealt with those situations better. I can't let those words stop me from doing my passion. 

This football season has been an incredible learning experience for me. I've come to love the game and shooting it more than I ever have before. Now, it's on to basketball and wrestling, and softball and baseball in the spring. Starting these sports again almost feels like starting over, but I'm excited to grow as much shooting them as I did this past semester shooting football.

Here's some photos from the MAC Championship game, the bowl game, and life over the past couple of weeks. 

FB vs. Troy - Dollar General Bowl-SS-03.JPG