Trying New Things

During my summer internship in Indianapolis, I really focused on learning how to create great videos. Since then, I have really made video one of my favorite storytelling tools. My capstone class has *consumed* my time over the past few weeks so I haven't been able to shoot many sports, however, I have started working on a short documentary about Title IX and women playing sports. To meet the due date, I didn't get to include all of the voices that I wanted to, but I plan to pick this project back up after the semester is finished - so stay tuned! But I'll post the link to what I have done here.

Second, I love the NHL. Like honestly, hockey is one of the best sports to watch. Then it occurred to me - what if I ever want to work in the NHL?? I have no hockey photos in my portfolio! So in my free time not consumed by Capstone or Athletics, I plan to go to hockey games and shoot, shoot, shoot. Hockey isn't a varsity sport at Ohio University, so I haven't shot it at all and my portfolio is really lacking in hockey photos. But here's one I like:

20171013-8884-SS copy.jpg