Basketball Promo Day

Promo days are fun because it gives me the chance to play around with light and really make a photo look the way I want it to. It's also a good chance for the players to goof around and make some poses that they wouldn't normally make in a game.

It is crazy to see how much my promo portraits have improved since my first time shooting them last year. I have a better handle on running the promo day, I have gotten more creative with my lighting, and I have honed my toning skills. I am excited to see how my portraits will improve over the next several years.


2017 MBB Promos-SS-122.JPG
2017 MBB Promos-SS-43.JPG
2017 MBB Promos-SS-67.JPG
2017 MBB Promos-SS-92.JPG
2017 MBB Promos-SS-99.JPG
2017 MBB Promos-SS-012.JPG
2017 MBB Promos-SS-128.JPG