On Documenting Our Own Lives

My boyfriend is not a photographer. Yes, I've taught him not to crop out people's feet in photos, and he does follow Getty Sport on Instagram. But he's not a photographer, and I appreciate that. He pumps me up when I have a good game gallery, and he tells me honestly when the photos I've taken are average. 

I am a harsh critic of my own work and often feel inadequate when I compare my work to that of others. Instagram is both my friend and my enemy. Am I posting enough of my sports photos? Am I posting too much of my personal life? I haven't posted a sport photo in a while - do my mentors think I'm slacking? Questions like these plague me. Feelings of self-conscious doubt creep in. And it's the silliest thing because honestly, it's Instagram. If I deleted the app, I'd get along with life just fine.

I have a diverse group of followers - many are my college friends, who would prefer to see cliche photos of my boyfriend and I at a formal event. Half of my followers are people I've shot next to at the many football fields, race tracks, and press conferences that I've been to, who would probably prefer to see the latest image I've taken professionally. Which audience should I cater to the most? Does it even matter?

My boyfriend is not a photographer, but he is one of my biggest fans in life and on Instagram. As my source of reason, he reminds me that sharing all sides of my life allows me to show others that I am a human. It allows me to share bits of my personal life with you all, to show you that I am a person who regularly experiences and sees beauty, love, sadness, hope - and that all of that bleeds into the photos I take professionally. I see in many talented sports photographers a desire to constantly produce and post new content, to garner views and likes and comments. I see a desire to get THE catch or THE run or the finish. I hope to do all of those things too - shoot new stuff, capture the best moments, and share it with the world. But I also hope to create images that are uniquely mine; images that embody the same moments of beauty, love, sadness, and hope that I value in my own life. 

I have many New Years resolutions, including getting back into swimming, keeping my room clean, and getting a job/internship, but also documenting my own life more often, and realizing the importance of doing so.

I took the following images rather hastily with my iPhone. You'll see the play unfold, you'll see the reaction to it, and lastly, you'll see the celebration. Enjoy a moment of joy and love with me for a second - my grandmother's 80th birthday celebration.

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