Female Athletes Portrait Series

I came into my first internship last summer knowing nothing about using flash or composing portraits. The newspaper that I worked for, The Reading Eagle, relied a lot on use of portraits. It was an area of my job that I really struggled with, and honestly, even after the summer was over, felt like I still hadn't quite learned it. 

When I finally had room in my class schedule, I decided to take a class called Small Systems Lighting. Designed for both commercial and photojournalism students, it focused on how to make good portraits using off-camera flash, like the Nikon SB910. For our final project, we were instructed to create a 5-picture series. I had kind of floated through the whole class due to being busy with other work, but I decided to really give it my all for the final photo series and try to create something portfolio-worthy. The best way to create something portfolio-worthy was, in my opinion, to choose a theme that I felt passionately about.

Strong women have always been an inspiration in my life. It began with my mother and older sister, but has expanded over time, becoming the women I shoot on the sidelines with, or the women that I photograph in their sports. For this photo series, I chose to make portraits of five female athletes at Ohio University that have truly inspired me. Please take a look!