First Red Sox Homestand

WOW. What a crazy past couple of months. Between accepting the 2018 Red Sox photo internship, graduating from Ohio University, moving to Boston, and visiting family in NYC, it has been a whirlwind. So much so that I have forgotten to update this blog. 

In one word, I am BLESSED. I cannot believe the amazing opportunities that OU gave me during my time there. I received an impressive education, and came out of four years with amazing internship opportunities, a trip to the Olympics, and numerous interviews with companies that I never even dreamed would be interested in me. I came away with professional connections I never realized I would get the chance to meet, with friendships that allowed me to grow personally and professionally, and the love of my life who supports my every move. This is a dream come true. 

As soon as I graduated, I moved out to Boston the next day to start my internship with the Red Sox. It wasn't a picture-perfect start. I struggled getting photos I was proud of during my first few home games. It was hard to work my way around the stadium and feel creative. It was challenging to feel like I was actually contributing to the photo staff with the photos I was taking, but I was really just being hard on myself. Once I hit the end of the week and the last two games of the homestand, I felt a lot better. I felt like I was starting to "see" things, no matter where I was in the stadium. I felt like I was starting to find my vision, and that feels good. I can't wait for the next few months to unfold! Here's some photos I liked from this week: